Focus on Customers and Markets 

Germany as a Lead Market

Every phase of the "Smart Home + Building Certification Programme" is oriented to the market´s and customers´ needs. The main driver in the lead market of Germany is currently the issue of energy management. Key aspects of the market development process include the cost factor, comfort and (building) security. A major obstacle to market development is the hitherho inadequate communication of smart home-related information to customers. Assuming only limited interest in technical innovations and limited availbility of financial resources in the market, it is crucial that the main emphasis of smart home technology is not placed on technical complexity, rather on the social relevance of this new group of products and services.

Smart Home Ready Seal

A seal which confirms cross-system interoperability and IT security of innovative smart home applications can significantly raise trust levels among customers and their acceptance of smart home applications and accelerate the market development. Possibilities here include individual seals, families of seals or a two-tier seal system consisting of a mature technology seal and an accompanying marketing label based on this. The type and scope of validity of the seal (B2B or B2C, for example) depend fundamentally on the different business models and target groups.


International Market Development

Smart home technology is a global growth market. Rapid internationalisation of the programme is planned in order to create comparable technical conditions for smart home applications worldwide. The first stage of internationalisation is to be at European level, followed by the rest of the world in a second stage. Based on jointly defined criteria, the international markets are to be examined, obstacles to innovation identified and measures for overcoming them developed.

Working Group: Market

The market working group, consisting of representatives from well-known German companies, is responsible for analysing the German market within the programme. It focuses in particular on market developments, application scenarios and the innovation environment.





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