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Collected Know How 

for Refurbishment and Market Development

Development Process

Well-known network and technology partners contribute their interdisciplinary and cross-sector expertise to the "Smart Home + Building Certification Programme" project which is supported by a BMWi grant. Together with key stakeholders they are overseeing the establishment of the programme as a "bottom-up" process and providing supervision in all phases of the project.



BMWi Support

Through its "Smart Home + Building Certification Programme" support grant, the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi) is offering targeted support aimed at boosting the economy and supporting technical solutions for key parts of society. Successful implementation of the programme would allow market potential to the value of tens of billions of euros to be tapped into in Germany alone by 2025.


Network Partners

Intelligent home networks are cross-sector applications. The system integration and interlinking of the different sectors yields economic opportunities for Germany. The network partners play an active role in the cross-sector dialogue and consensus process necessary for finding a joint strategic orientation.


Technology Partners

The technology partners provide important technological developments with open interfaces for potential system partners. With their support, the certification programme can be tested and optimised even in its first implementation phases using real hard and software.











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