Release of the Standardization Roadmap  

"Smart Home+Building"


Release of the Standardization Roadmap "Smart Home+Building"

  • Standardization provides intelligent home networking

  • European provider are well positioned

The "Smart Home"  provides intelligent networking of devices and systems by information and telecommunication technologies and opens completely new possibilities of living and working.

In the Smart Home  Energy management, consumer electronics, comfort, safety and health are more cost-effective or convenient. Norms and standards provide the basis for the technical integration and support the development.

Through the German Standardization Roadmap "Smart Home + Building" the VDE | DKE German Commission for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies of DIN and VDE  advanced a great step in this area. 

The Standardization Roadmap provides an overview of the current status and trends, the valid norms and standards and which are to be developed now. At the same time it is an essential ingredient for the international market development in this field.


The download of German Standardization Roadmap "Smart Home + Building is available at the following link: 



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