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New Ideas for Economic Growth and Technical Progress

The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) has been supporting smart home technology in a variety of ways for some time now. With regard to the BMWi's support in the form of the "Smart Home + Building Certification Programme: Consensus, Programme, Platform" project, the following key aspects were highlighted at the "Smart Home: Making Germany the lead market!" kick-off workshop held on 15.11.12 in Frankfurt am Main.

Cross-sector Interoperability and Cooperation

  • The slow growth of the smart home market is attributable to the slow development of suitable open platforms. Ensuring interoperability among intelligent infrastructure networks is a pivotal success factor for market growth.

  • Laying the foundations for cross-sector interoperability represents a major standardisation challenge which needs to be addressed at the European and international level.

  • New findings obtained by researchers need to be incorporated more effectively. The same applies for the wide variety of interesting research results that have hitherto only been picked up by the industry to a limited extent.
  • As key drivers of innovation, SMEs play an important role in the project.


Modernisation, Value-added and Models

  • The BMWi believes that intelligent home networks will advance to become an important link to consumers in the modernisation of significant fields such as energy, health and security. However, the benefits must be clearly apparent to the end consumer. Consumer advice and information and further training for skilled trades and retailers are therefore essential.

  • High expectations are being placed on home networks with regard to new social models in such areas as age-appropriate living, health prevention or telemedicine services. These will have an impact, however, on sensitive areas of people's private lives. Data and consumer aspects therefore need to be considered from the outset and explanatory work undertaken.

National and International Market Potential

  • A precondition for successful market growth is the willingness of all stakeholders to cooperate. If this is the case, sales of more than EUR 20 billion are predicted in the core business in Germany according to a study commissioned by the BMWi. German companies' proportion of value-added is put at more than 50 percent. This includes an ICT proportion of well over 80 percent.

  • Cross-sector solutions and concerted market development with interoperable products are needed here. These should be based on the demands in the international market.



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