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Network Partners 

The network partners are guiding and supporting the dialogue and consensus process with the companies from the different sectors. The objective is to involve a large number of relevant stakeholders in shaping the interoperability and IT security requirements. Besides integrating a very broad range of technical and economic expertise from all the companies involved, the main focus in this "bottom-up" process is to raise acceptance for transcending sector and technical system boundaries.


Connected Living e. V.

The Connected Living e.V. Innovation Center works to promote and develop innovative, intuitive and intelligent solutions that bridge sectors and manufacturers.

Its goal is to involve relevant partners from the various application industries of communication, energy, media, security and health in order to enhance the quality of life for the users with new and forward-looking possibilities for intelligent home networking and to jointly develop sustainable models.

Using the “Connected Living Innovation Component Kit” (CLICK), key components are provided for comprehensive networking of devices. This enables simple integration into a home networking system in the user‘s house.

In addition to Software Developer Kits (SDKs), Connected Living also operates an application store. This facilitates the creation and testing of high quality services as a way of rapidly developing new business models.



Deutsches Dialog Institut

The Deutsche Dialog Institut initiates and supports strategically oriented dialogues on complex topics of social relevance. As a private institute based in Frankfurt am Main, the institute is a recognised and neutral mediator between the worlds of business, science, politics and society. Using a unique approach that has been tried and tested over many years, together with the players concerned it develops a common understanding of the challenges and range of options and therefore creates the conditions necessary for constructive collaboration.

The Deutsche Dialog Institut is a member of the National government's expert body for innovation dialogue.





VDE - German Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies

The VDE is one of the major European associations responsible for the different sectors and careers within the field of electrical and information technology. It is an international expert platform for science, standardisation and product testing - representing a formidable concentration of experience, market knowledge and technological know-how which is interdisciplinary in nature, tightly meshed, and internationally unique. Innovation support and safety are core elements of the VDE's work. The primary objective is to consolidate and improve Germany's position as one of the leading innovation locations in the world.

Greater comfort, more safety, new possibilities for saving energy costs and for living independently into old age are key objectives in the smart home field. This requires specialists in a wide spectrum of fields ranging from product development and qualification through to installation and application. The VDE has initiated the "Smart Home + Building Certification Programme" to improve German industry's prospects in this field. It aims to facilitate conformity and interoperability for smart home solutions and serve as a key element within a market development strategy.



EEBus Initiative e.V.

The EEBus Initiative is the official platform for standardisation initiatives and opinion shaping. It links together the leading companies, associations and players of the German and international energy and electronics industry. The diverse interests of its members have a common purpose: actively contributing to the future of energy to sustainably improve comfort, supply safety and increase energy efficiency.

Its method: developing EEBus as a standardised and consensus-oriented networking concept for smart grid and smart home technologies and establishing it on the market. The EEBus networking concept is being developed to meet market requirements and customer needs, and to incorporate companies' practical experience. It is being defined in a standardisation process and gradually being implemented at the German, European and global levels. The initiative is pursuing the path of standardisation to bring together present markets and to tap into new potential.




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