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Background and Motivation 

Technology Leader in the future Smart Home + Building Market

The future lies in smart home and building technology.  Based on integrated systems, buildings are made safer, more comfortable, more economical and more efficient. Smart home technology also helps to meet the global challenges of climate protection, scarce resources, ageing populations, health, communication and security with greater success. Due to their outstanding know-how in key areas such as ICT¹, system integration and embedded systems², German producers are playing a leading role in this important future market which is exposed to increasingly fierce international competition. There is, however, need for optimisation in cross-system interoperability and IT security in the smart home and cross-sector collaborations. This resulted in the decision of the Federal Economic Affairs Ministry to support the launch of the "Smart Home + Building Certification Programme".



The certification programme is intended to cover all the domains required for making buildings safer, more comfortable, more economical and more efficient.


[1] Information and Communication Technology

[2] An embedded system is a computer system which is integrated in an overall technical system and which takes care of specific control, regulation or monitoring tasks.


Cross-Sector Market Development

The aim of the programme is to join forces with all relevant stakeholders, in order to develop a harmonised approach for a core element in a joint market development strategy. The aim is to facilitate the interaction of all networked components in the smart home domains of energy management, entertainment, home/building safety, health/wellness, intelligent age-appropriate assistance systems, comfort and building automation and to create a publicly recognisable seal. For this, the collaborating partners in this project - theVDE Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies. the Deutsche Dialog Institut (DDI), the VDE Testing and Certification Institute, Connected Living, Kellendonk Elektronik and the DAI Labor at TU Berlin - merge power engineering, household appliances, consumer electronics, security technology and building technology sectors under a neutral umbrella to adopt a cross-sector approach.


Market Development Programme to strengthen German Competitive Position

As part of the alignment discussions, the Deutsches Dialog Institut brought a large number of companies from different sectors together to create dialogues to promote the building of consensus as means of adapting the programme more effectively to the needs of companies and to optimise their involvement in the planning.

Specifications are defined and agreements made on the use of standards for interoperability and IT security and, where appropriate, expanded or new standards defined, using an "open-ended" technology approach based on user stories and the specific use cases derived from them. The funded project is therefore a market development programme for the sectors involved and is designed to help consolidate Germany's strong position among the increasingly fierce international competition.




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