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Smart Home + Building Certification Programme 

Paving the Way for Germany to become a Lead Provider

Background and Motivation

German companies have taken the lead in the field of intelligent home and building technology. But they are now being exposed to increasingly fierce international competition. This programme is therefore intended to serve as a strategic tool for market development and for strengthening Germany´s competitive position.


Objectives and Guiding Principles

The programme is being set up jointly and executed in the form of a "bottom-up" process by interested companies and initiatives as a forum for needs-based, practical collaboration in the "Smart Home + Building" market. Characterised by its voluntary nature, its transparency and technological open-endedness, the programme offers the players involved - at all levels and in all process stages - maximum value and diverse forms of involvement, from market analysis through to the development of standards. The aim is to identify cross-industry interests, and to develop standards and a technically reputable seal representing cross-system interoperability and IT security in the smart home, thus making Germany and Europe the lead market and lead provider of smart home technologies and products.


Bottom-up Process

The reason for promoting the idea of the programme as a "bottom-up process" lies in the fact that previous "top-down" initiatives have not yielded the desired cross-sector dynamic response.  The programme's approach has been developed, and is supported, by all the companies involved and represents a cross-sector and cross-domain pre-competitive method of addressing market development.



Smart Home Community 

Setting up a smart home community by actively involving all participants is one of the project's core objectives. The collaboration is to be based on regular workshops of the Market and Technology working groups. The smart home project conference held in July 2013 in Berlin attracted over 120 corporate representatives.



Programme Structure

The programme and its content and processes are being jointly developed on a transparent basis. Based on user stories and use cases concerning the appropriate smart home domains, requirements for interface signals and functions are jointly defined which then form the basis for ensuring cross-system interoperability and IT security in a smart home. Gap analyses of existing standards form the basis of specifications which are designed to close the current gaps.





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