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Objectives and Guiding Principles 

Forum for Needs-based and Practical Collaboration

The "Smart Home + Building Certification Programme" is acting as a forum for needs-based, practical and pre-competitive collaboration for a broad spectrum of interested companies from different sectors.

The focuses of the programme include:

  • Improving the pre-competitive collaboration of the market players involved, overcoming the obstacles  of innovation and formulating recommendations to the government.

  • Developing a programme for the establishment of cross-system interoperability and IT security in the smart home which is supported by all stakeholders and includes the option of obtaining a technically reputable seal to create market differentiation and raising acceptance levels in the mass market.

  • Raising acceptance levels and supporting market preparation by adopting an international approach from the beginning.

  • Developing the interoperability and IT security requirements, and tests for them, on the basis of the user stories and resulting use cases submitted by the companies.

  • Jointly defining the requirements for a technology platform which bridges the gap between existing and future smart home technologies and products using standard interfaces.

  • Introducing pioneering standards to the international bodies.

Acting as a key element within a common market development strategy, the certification programme serves the wider purpose of supporting Germany's efforts to become a leading international provider in the field of smart home technology.


The participation in the certification programme offers significant benefits to the companies involved:





The Participation in the Certification Programme is characterised by being Voluntary, Transparent and technologically Open-ended

The collaboration of the companies and organisations in the "Smart Home + Building Certification Programme" is based on the following guiding principles:

  • The programme is an open forum in which the core group of companies involved and its market and technology working groups take a "bottom-up" approach. It bases its work on the companies' needs.

  • Cooperation is always voluntary.

  • All the processes in the programme are organised jointly and transparently by the companies involved.

  • The approach is open-ended in terms of the technology deployed at the system and device level.

  • Existing solutions are taken into consideration and actively supported where possible.


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