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Setting the course for Interoperability and IT security 

User Stories and Use Cases

Jointly formulated use cases constitute the technical basis of the certification programme at the pre-competitive stage for the specifications and gap analyses of the necessary standards.


Testing and Assessment

Testing and assessment requirements are derived from the definition of smart home cross-system interoperability and IT security requirements. The development of a standardised test procedure is useful for  both companies and users. In companies it helps provide a secure basis for innovation work. Test procedures also facilitate the creation of "bridging functions" between different systems. Users can rely on the fact that the tested devices and systems will work correctly with each other.


Working group: Technology

As part of the programme the companies set out the basic principles for deriving concrete requirements for smart home cross-system interoperability and IT security for which the concrete use cases serve as reference. The main emphases here are on the formulation of use cases (especially specifications), agreements on signals and functions, standards and the identification of obstacles to innovation.


Implementing the Programme 

To implement the processes described in the programme, the project deployed established procedures and is relying on the German Commission for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies of DIN and VDE (DKE) with its comprehensive sets of codes and close international links.





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