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Assessment and Testing 

Use Case meets Test Case

Concrete test requirements are to be developed for the programme based on the requirements for smart home cross-system interoperability and IT security and the existing standards. These will eventually feed into test procedures that are in conformity with these standards. For this, the EEBus Initiative has introduced sample use cases via Kellendonk Elektronik and the Connected Living Initiative. The VDE Institute is supporting the programme by providing its experience in deriving test algorithms and the required testing hard and software.


From Test Criterion to Test Seal

Within the programme, the companies generate new use cases and derive the necessary requirements for cross-system interoperability and IT security that then constitute appropriate test criteria. The test procedure which is to be created during the course of the project is based on agreed standards and will be adapted flexibly to the new requirements. A specially appointed team of experts will decide on the type of seal and the target groups, e.g. B2B, B2C, B2B2C.





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